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FDIConnect offers many benefits to secure your cash.

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The Advantages of the Fortress Account

The FDIConnect Fortress Account offers many amazing benefits, here are some…

Safety & Security

Cash balances are insured and backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government.

Up to 10x National Average Yield

Try our earnings calculator and see how much more you should be earning.

Ideal for Fiduciaries

Choose the Fortress Account if you manage corporate deposits, non-profits, professional fiduciaries, trusts or are responsible for protecting capital.

Daily Liquidity

Keep your primary account. Need cash? Just ask and we’ll deposit it the very next day.

24/7 Account Access

Whenever you need to check your account just log in online any time, anywhere.

Convenient Single Statement

See all activity on one consolidated statement.

Use of Safe Banks Only

We only select safe, well capitalized institutions to partner with. Let us do your due diligence.

Competitive Rates

For even greater yields with great liquidity ask about our uninsured rate.

Zero Fees

Deposit or withdraw whenever and as often as you want. No fees, no costs… ever.

About Us

FDIConnect is a consumer-focused provider of FDIC pass-through insurance for bank deposits.  Through the Fortress Account, clients have access to our network of 400 of the highest yielding FDIC member banks in the nation.  This access allows our clients the peace and mind of insuring their entire cash balance (up to $50 million per account) while receiving 10x the average money market rate. 

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